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Terms and Conditions New York Getaway Competition



1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to the ‘Win a trip to New York’ competition.
1.2 This competition is organized by Brands of Scandinavia A/S, Birkemosevej 11b, DK-6000 Kolding
1.3 The prize is provided by Brands of Scandinavia A/S
1.4 The competition will run from the 13th of October 2019 and end on the17th of November 2019 at 23:59.
1.5 Participating in the competition automatically declares the participant's agreement to these Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions of Brands of Scandinavia A/S.



2.1 Participation in this competition is open to persons of 21 years and older, living in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.



3.1 Participants cannot derive any rights from and/or receive compensation for participating in this competition, other than as explicitly described in these Terms and Conditions.



4.1 To participate in this competition, the following must be done before the17th of November 2019 at 23:59: the participant must share, who she/he wants to share the New York trip with, like the post and follow the account @freequentfashion on Instagram.

4.2 In order to participate in the competition, participants must remain follower on the @freequentfashion account until a winner is selected. Participants who unfollow the @freequentfashion before the winner is selected will no longer be considered for the draw.



5.1 The winner will be selected at random by a computer process that generates a verifiably random result from all valid entries received during the aforementioned competition period.
5.2 The winner will be notified directly on his/her Instagram profile.
5.3 If the winner does not claim his or her prize within one week of publication, by responding to Brands of Scandinavia A/S, a new winner will be appointed. As a result, all rights to any compensation will cease for the original winner, without any possibility of appeal.
5.4 If the winner cannot prove that he or she is 21 years or older or is not in possession of a valid passport from one of the aforementioned countries, he or she, therefore fails to meet the conditions and the prize cannot be awarded. A new winner will be generated.
5.5 The prize is a 4-day trip, with 3 nights in a hotel, for 2 people to New York with a total value to the equivalent of approximately €2500.

This trip includes:

Flights to and from New York
Airport transfers to and from Manhattan
3 nights in a hotel room, with 1 double bed
6 outfits from Freequent.

Food, drink, travel insurance, ESTA/Visa are not included in the prize. These costs are incurred at the winner’s own expense.

5.6 The prize is non-transferable and cannot be resold, exchanged or paid out in cash.
5.7 The winner will report and pay any potential gaming tax.
5.8 Brands of Scandinavia A/S reserves the right to replace the prize without prior notice with a prize of equal value, if this is so required or deemed necessary by Brands of Scandinavia A/S, due to unforeseen circumstances.



6.1 Brands of Scandinavia A/S will ask the winner for the necessary personal details required for executing the bookings included in the prize. This includes a copy of the winning pair’s passports.
6.2 Each participant warrants that any personal information that he or she communicates to Brands of Scandinavia A/S within the framework of this competition is correct, up to date and complete.
6.3 The winner gives Brands of Scandinavia A/S consent to use his or her personal details (first name and the first letter of surname).

6.4 The winner is obliged to share 3 photos from the New York trip featuring the winner and his/her friend wearing Freequent clothes. These photos will be used for marketing related purposes on the platforms curated by Brands of Scandinavia A/S. The usage of the photos can be referenced in any medium, with no rights to compensation, right or benefit, other than the awarded prize.
6.4 By entering this information, the participant agrees that Brands of Scandinavia A/S records this information in line with GDPR and uses it to award the prize.



7.1 Brands of Scandinavia A/S and persons and third parties engaged by Brands of Scandinavia A/S are not liable for any damage, costs or expenses related to the participation in the competition.  Persons and third parties engaged by Brands of Scandinavia A/S are excluded from participation in the competition, whether or not awarding the prize, the acceptance of the prize or use of it.
7.2 Participants agree that they participate in the competition at their own risk and the participant is responsible for the conclusion of travel insurance.
7.3 Brands of Scandinavia A/S is not liable for (the consequences of) any defects in the prize.
7.4 By accepting the prize of the competition, the winner declares his/her agreement with all articles from these Terms and Conditions.
7.5 Printing or other similar errors cannot be invoked as grounds for additional obligations for Brands of Scandinavia A/S.



8.1 Brands of Scandinavia A/S reserves the right to adapt or amend these Terms and Conditions during the course of the competition or to terminate the competition early if deemed necessary. Participants cannot derive any rights from this towards Brands of Scandinavia A/S.
8.2 This action is conducted on the basis of the code of conduct for promotional games of chance.

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